Roya Taheri


The Roya Taheri Collection is all about luxury elegance and is built of Luxurious fabrics, attractive modest cuts, and fashion - forwarding styling.
You won't find our products anywhere else because they are handmade with attention to detail and quality.
Dressing everyone from diplomats to new Muslims and everyone in between, Roya Taheri Collections is a major player in the modest fashion industry.


Our goal and vision is to provide unique women's products that are Produced in limited numbers and with a new style that is a combination
Of preserving tradition and fashion.
Our goal is not just clothes for you to wear, we look beyond that,
We want you to wear a piece of art.
Roya Taheri's mission is to merge art with luxurious design. Our brand Allows the customer to have their own unique clothes even if it is strict, Our brand allows you to take your style to a higher level and work only With the best fabrics, stitches and designers.
Our brand is constantly innovating to create the best products on the market.
We are always looking for new horizons.