Roya Taheri Collection
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Roya Taheri Collection

RT clothing boutique was founded in 2014 by Roya Taheri in Sam Center the most luxurious business complex in Iran. Since launched it always stood for chic, elegant, sophisticated design. We are growing fast and establishing clothing empire in Iran and middle-east.Founding principal is to design and create limited pieces of abaya and haute couture.Custom tailoring is very important in fashion design because people like to be different and special. RT designers paying particular attentionto the specific orders of this customer group.

It is very important that our product is tailored to the customer. In other word it’s completely custom made. It means one design and one fabric only for one customerso this makes our work very special and really limited . In fact, this will need much more effort in creativity and artistic talent.
All RT team are experts in terms of design ,fabrics and textiles.They work with the best fabric which completing the design. The fabric in design process must be tailored to the spatial and temporal needs of the consumer, andaristocracy. We import all our fabrics from the best of the best suppliers around the world anduse limited production of particular product to market.

Our designs are inspired by culture, history, nature, and art for unique feminine style with most elegant fabrics collected from European magnificent suppliers.

Innovative intellectual talent is one of the most important requirements for success in the field of fashion design . It is very important in terms of variety of designs, colors and styles. Art involves a careful process of choosing design idea to the final step that is sewing and unveiling.
Our luxurious clothinghave already been seen on many celebrities (A-listers) in Iran and world wide.

Persiancelebrities are among the most exclusive RT customers. These groups are the important factor in our popularityand they are our brand ambassadors.
All the design would be provided to the client by sketches along with the fabric sample. The design is exclusive for each client and will never be repeated for the other client.